Receive Funding For Your Home

Crowdfunding For Your Down Payment

Can’t afford that down payment? Crowdfunding is the practice of raising a small amount of money from a large number of people — is not a new thing.  The Statue of Liberty’s completion was financed by a drive started by Joseph Pulitzer. Now in the age of the Internet, people crowdfund nearly everything (even a birthday party). So it’s no surprise that crowdfunding is...

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Crowdfunding Your Home

Is Crowdfunding the Choice for You? There is a man who crowdfunded a $10 potato salad “campaign” and ended up raising more than $55,000. Its sounds crazy but its true. What other sorts of things can you crowdfund? The short answer: Pretty much anything.  There is a man who wanted to crowdfund his mortgage. He called himself “just a regular guy.” He’s 34 with th...

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